V. D. Soloviev

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Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (MP-MV) is a RNA virus with an RNA-instructed DNA polymerase first isolated from a rhesus monkey mammary adenocarcinoma in 1970. Until recently, there have been no other isolates. A continuous human amnion cell line, AO, was found to be producing a virus indistinguishable or closely related to the Mason-Pfizer virus as measured by(More)
THE investigation of nervous diseases caused by viruses requires close co-operation between clinical and experimental workers. The present paper is the summary of such co-operative work performed by a neuro-histologist and a team of workers in virus diseases. Its chief purpose is to throw some light upon the etiology and pathogenesis ofacute disseminated(More)
In this paper we present the results of research on the efficiency of graph-analytical methods for vehicle motion trajectory planning under uncertainties. The three most common graph-analytical methods were considered: potential fields, algorithms based on Voronoi diagrams, and A*-algorithm combined with the method of dynamic window. We proved the(More)
There are many advantages in the use of small laboratory animals rather than primates for tests to determine the immunogenic potency of inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine. The white rat, in particular, is cheap, easy to keep and use in sufficiently large numbers to ensure the statistical validity of results, and highly resistant to intercurrent diseases. The(More)
Escherichia coli, strain AB 1157, cells are capable of translating human, mouse, and chicken messenter RNA for interferon with production of interferon of the corresponding specifity. This translation occurs in the presence of serum. The activity of the resulting interferon decreased in parallel to dilution of the original mRNA preparation, upon multiple(More)