V . Díaz Casás

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The use of computational fluid dynamics simulators in a design procedure usually requires choosing between precision and computational cost. This is especially true if the simulator is used within an automatic design environment where it is going to be run recursively in many iterations. This work presents an experimental validation procedure applied to a(More)
In this work a mesh deformation strategy for an aerodynamic simulator used in an automatic design environment is presented. This strategy allows creating different alternatives within an evolutionary design process by following a low computational cost procedure. The mesh used to evaluate de fitness of each alternative in a computational fluid dynamic (CFD)(More)
The aerodynamic design of wind turbine blades is carried out by means of evolutionary techniques within an automatic design environment. A simple, fast, and robust aerodynamic simulator is embedded in the design environment to predict the performance of any turbine blade produced as an intermediate individual of the evolutionary process. The aerodynamic(More)
1 —The design of an aerodynamic simulator to be used in an automatic optimization requires reducing as much as possible its computational cost. The simulator –based on CFD codehas the requirement of being able of perform a correct ranking of different models in terms of their performances. At his stage, the qualitative accuracy is more important than the(More)
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