V. Cyril Raj

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The DNA microarray technology has modernized the approach of biology research in such a way that scientists can now measure the expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously in a single experiment. Gene expression profiles, which represent the state of a cell at a molecular level, have great potential as a medical diagnosis tool. But compared to(More)
In web-based e-learning environment every learner has a distinct background, learning style and a specific goal when searching for learning material on the web. The goal of personalization is to tailor search results to a particular user based on that user's contextual information. The effectiveness of accessing learning material involves two important(More)
The metadata elements in e-learning domain provide some meaning about the metadata content. But the current existing metadata standards are not providing fully educative support information and also they are not completely suitable enough to integrate Semantic Web technologies into e-learning domain. In this paper, we discuss the issues surrounding the(More)
Electrical Impedance scanning (EIS) is a new technique in which moderate variations in capacitance values are reflected by the cells of various type of normal membrane. The malignant membrane, in contrast, in EIS demonstrates significant capacitance relaxation phenomena concomitant with α dispersion in the low audio frequency range. The author has(More)
The web based learning has become more complex to search required learning resources with continuously growing digital learning contents which are entangled with structural and semantic interrelationship. Meanwhile, the rapid development of communication technology lead to heterogeneity of learning devices than it was in the early stage. The context-aware(More)
Advances in photo editing software have made it possible to generate visually convincing photo-graphic forgeries which have been increased tremendously in recent years. In order to alleviate the problem of image forgery, a handful of techniques have been presented in the literature to detect forgery either in shadow or reflection. This paper aims to develop(More)
With the rapid expansion of motor vehicle use, road safety is becoming a serious issue in the past few decades. Road pedestrian injuries and death rate is rising sharply. The research on traffic accidents points out to a concentration of crashes in "Black Spots". Accident black spots may be caused due to sharp corners in straight road, steep slopes, a(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are sophisticated systems that are used to gather data from an unreachable and remote environment. WSN consists of base station and hundred to thousands of sensor nodes. The main design issues in WSN include efficient energy management and network lifetime. Most of the approaches assume the nodes to be homogenous, however they(More)