V. Cross

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A great deal of research and development effort has been undertaken in recent years to integrate otherwise disconnected manufacturing production and planning (P/E) application software systems so that the enterprises can react quickly and accurately to the ever changing market dynamics. In such an integrated P/E environment it is, at times, necessary to(More)
The exchange of information between two agents over the Semantic Web requires a means of translating between the " vocabularies " of the agents. Much research has focused on the use of ontologies for specifying an agent's knowledge and for exchanging information between agents. Effective communication between agents using different ontologies, however,(More)
The design process involves selecting between design alternatives based on the requirements and constraints defining the system being developed. The design alternatives and the reasons for selecting one over another form the Design Rationale (DR) for the system. This information represents the designers' intent and can be used to evaluate the design(More)
Many marine fishes change sex in response to social cues when the dominance hierarchy is perturbed. Arginine-vasotocin (AVT) and the mammalian homolog arginine vasopressin are neuropeptides involved in social and reproductive behaviors across vertebrate taxa. The goal of this study was to determine whether AVT signaling influences aggression and expression(More)
Progress is being made in the ability to visualize and model geologic data and information in 3 spatial dimensions (3D) and sometimes adding time for 4 dimensions (4D). These abilities are enriching the conceptual models and process simulations constructed by geologists and hydrogeologists. Computer technology is also enhancing the visualization and(More)
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