V. Christianto

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The work with von Neumann algebras known as hyper-finite factors of type II1 associated naturally with quantum TGD, led to a proposal for the quantization of the Planck constants associated with the symmetry algebras in M and CP2 degrees of freedom as h̄(M) = nah̄0 and h̄(CP2) = nbh̄0. A generalization of the notion of imbedding space emerged as a geometric(More)
One of the results of recent experiments is the lack of signature of D-D reaction as in standard fusion process; this is part of the reason to suggest that D-D fusion doesn’t take place [1]. However, Takahashi suggests new possible reaction in the context of cluster deuterium, called 4D fusion [1][2][3], this mechanism seems to enable reaction at low(More)
In the present paper we have discussed concerning Godel’s incompleteness theorem(s) and plausible implications to artificial intelligence/life and human mind. Perhaps we should agree with Sullins III, that the value of this finding is not to discourage certain types of research in AL, but rather to help move us in a direction where we can more clearly(More)