V. Chowdhury

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Microsatellite or simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker analysis was carried out to assess allelic diversity and prepare a DNA fingerprint database of 24 rice genotypes including three premium traditional Basmati, 9 cross-bred Basmati, a local scented selection, eight indica and three japonica rice varieties. A total of 229 alleles were detected at the 50 SSR(More)
Fertile, green, di-haploid plants were obtained at high frequencies from several indica × Basmati rice F1 hybrids and/or F2 plant populations using an improved anther culture procedure. Anthers from cold-pretreated (10 °C for 10 d) panicles of six indica (HKR120, HKR86-3, HKR86-217, PR106, Gobind andCH2 double dwarf) and two Basmati rice (Basmati(More)
We have used the bar gene in combination with the herbicide Basta to select transformed rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. Radon) protoplasts for the production of herbicide-resistant rice plants. Protoplasts, obtained from regenerable suspension cultures established from immature embryo callus, were transformed using PEG-mediated DNA uptake. Transformed calli could(More)
An improved procedure has been developed for high frequency androgenesis in indica × Basmati rice hybrids using a liquid culture medium. Anthers from fourteen genotypes comprising of indica × Basmati rice F1 hybrids, F2 plants and the parental rice cultivars, were floated in liquid RZM, N6M, and Heh5M media. Anther culture frequencies (percentage of anthers(More)
Due to the expansion of the portable applications and the battery operated products, great interest is given for design methodology for low consumption. When designing a process sensitive devices such as bandgap reference circuits (BGR), a perfect match between the simulation and the measurement on silicon have to be ensured. We present in this paper a very(More)
An efficient plant regeneration system was developed for two important Indian chickpea cultivars, C-235 and HC-1. Immature cotyledons (7-8 mm) directly formed shoots without an intervening callus phase on MS medium containing B5 vitamins, BAP (2.0 mg/l), IBA (0.125 mg/l), AgNO3 (1.69 mg/l) and phytagel (2.5 g/l). The regenerated shoots had normal morphology(More)
Advanced electronic materials called precursor molecules are designed for the deposition of thin films that are expected to be reliable, contamination free and pristine. Deleterious effects of metallic contamination have been demonstrated in dielectric properties of thermal oxides grown on silicon [1]. In order to achieve ultra-high purity products,(More)
The temperature dependence of the IC(VBE) relationshipcan be characterised by two parameters: EG and XTI. Theclassical method to extract these parameters consists in a"best fitting" from measured VBE(T) values, using leastsquare algorithm at constant collector current. Thismethod involves an accurate measurement of VBE voltageand an accurate value of the(More)
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