V. Chinnathambi

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We analyze the occurrence of vibrational resonance in a damped quintic oscillator with three cases of single well of the potential V(x)=1/2omega(0)(2)x(2)+1/4betax(4)+1/6gammax(6) driven by both low-frequency force f cos omegat and high-frequency force g cos Omegat with Omega >> omega. We restrict our analysis to the parametric choices (i) omega(0)(2),(More)
We analyze how the asymmetry of the potential well of the Duffing oscillator affects the vibra-tional resonance. We obtain, numerically and theoretically, the values of the low-frequency and amplitude of the high-frequency forces at which vibrational resonance occurs. Furthermore, we observe that an additional resonance is induced by the asymmetry of the(More)
BACKGROUND In the current study, we have investigated whether low density lipoprotein receptor knockout mice (LDLR-KO), moderate oxidative stress model and cholesteremia burden display gastroparesis and if so whether nitrergic system is involved in this setting. In addition, we have investigated if sepiapterin (SEP) supplementation attenuated impaired(More)
The effect of the shape of six different periodic forces and second periodic forces on the onset of horseshoe chaos are studied both analytically and numerically in a Duffing oscillator. The external periodic forces considered are sine wave, square wave, symmetric saw-tooth wave, asymmetric saw-tooth wave, rectified sine wave, and modulus of sine wave. An(More)
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