V Chaovakul

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Sudden unexplained nocturnal death (SUND), a disorder of unknown cause that occurs in otherwise healthy young adults, mostly male, during their sleep, is prevalent in the north-east region of Thailand, where it has been known for generations as lai tai. It occurs in the same population and area where hypokalaemic periodic paralysis (HPP), endemic distal(More)
We have previously reported a high prevalence of endemic renal tubular acidosis (EnRTA) in the northeast of Thailand, and our subsequent studies provided evidence that K deficiency exists in the same region. Since tubulointerstitial damage is associated with K deficiency, we postulate that this might be implicated in the pathogenesis of EnRTA and, if so,(More)
Within a period of 3 years, 103 patients with primary type I distal renal tubular acidosis were reported from two hospitals in the northeast of Thailand, with cases peaking in the summer. The patients' age ranged from 18 to 76 with a mean and mode of 39 and 47 years, respectively. The female to male ratio was 3.3:1. All patients presented with generalized(More)
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