V. Ch. Venkaiah

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This paper focuses on anti-magic labellings of planar graphs of type (a, b, c) introduced by Lih (Util. Math. 24 (1983), 165–197). We show that a certain class of planar graphs defined using the complete graphs and a class of planar graphs defined using the complete bipartite graphs are (1,1,0) and (1,1,1)-anti-magic under certain mild conditions.
IT assets connected on internetwill encounter alien protocols and few parameters of protocol process are exposed as vulnerabilities. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are installed to alerton suspicious traffic or activity. IDS issuesfalse positives alerts, if any behavior construe for partial attack pattern or the IDS lacks environment knowledge.(More)
An acyclic vertex coloring of a graph is a proper vertex coloring such that there are no bichromatic cycles. The acyclic chromatic number of G, denoted a(G), is the minimum number of colors required for acyclic vertex coloring of a graph G = (V, E). For a family F of graphs, the acyclic chromatic number of F, denoted by a(F), is defined as the maximum a(G)(More)
In Software Industry an application can be released to production only after it has gone through Unit testing, followed by Integration testing, then System testing and finally Acceptance testing. Note here that without the completion of unit testing, integration testing cannot be started and similarly without the completion of integration testing, system(More)
One secret sharing scheme that uses the Mignotte's sequence and another secret sharing scheme that uses the Asmuth-Bloom sequence are proposed in this paper. Both the secret sharing schemes are based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT). Novelty of the two proposed schemes is that the shares of the participants are reusable i.e. same shares are applicable(More)