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A multicentre, double-blind, randomized trial was carried out in 11 Italian Pneumologic Clinics to investigate the therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of doxofylline compared with slow-release theophylline in 139 patients (86 males, 53 females) aged 17-77 years suffering from reversible chronic airways obstruction. The two groups of 69 patients on(More)
The majority of proteases are synthesized in an inactive form, termed zymogen, which consists of a propeptide and a protease domain. The propeptide is commonly involved in the correct folding and specific inhibition of the enzyme. The propeptide of the house dust mite allergen Der p 3, NPILPASPNAT, contains a proline-rich motif (PRM), which is unusual for a(More)
Computer Graphics (CG) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two of the most interesting research fields in Computer Science. In this paper we present an application of CG and VR in arts, tourist promotion and cultural heritage. We propose a technique able to simulate the Saint Mary of the Mount staircase, a magnificent staircase in Caltagirone, a beautiful baroque(More)
House dust mite (HDM) protease allergens, through cleavages of critical surface proteins, drastically influence the initiation of the Th2 type immune responses. However, few human protein substrates for HDM proteases have been identified so far, mainly by applying time-consuming target-specific individual studies. Therefore, the identification of substrate(More)
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