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—In this paper, selection of test nodes has been studied extensively and efficient techniques are proposed. Two broad categories of methods called inclusion methods and exclusion methods are suggested. Strategies are presented to select or delete a test node without affecting the diagnosis capabilities. Examples show that these strategies give less number(More)
This paper describes a mathematical model for the prediction of binary decision diagram (BDD) depth measures, such as the longest path length (LPL) and the average path length (APL). The formal core of the model is a formula for the average LPL and APL over the set of BDD derived from Boolean logic expressions with a given number of variables and product(More)
Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) are the most frequently used data structure for handling Boolean functions because of their excellent efficiency in terms of time and space. Algebraic Decision Diagrams (ADDs) have been used to solve general purpose problems such as Matrix Multiplication, logic synthesis and Formal Verification. We propose a new type of BDD(More)
To obtain a second-order bandpass filter with two grounded capacitors, unit gain and adjustable Q-factor, a shunt capacitor C 5 and a shunt resistor R 4 were added at input X of the circuit in Fig. 2 tude deviations remain very low (as an example: 2% variation for Q varying from 4 to 16). simulating an ideal inductance. The input current I in (t) is then(More)