V C Lupson

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We have used functional MRI to determine the effects of ketamine on brain systems activated in association with a working memory task. Healthy volunteers received intravenous infusions of placebo, ketamine at 50 ng/ml plasma concentration, and ketamine at 100 ng/ml. They were scanned while carrying out a verbal working memory task in which we varied the(More)
BACKGROUND The processing of facial emotion involves a distributed network of limbic and paralimbic brain structures. Many of these regions are also implicated in the pathophysiology of mood disorders. Behavioural data indicate that depressed subjects show a state-related positive recognition bias for faces displaying negative emotions. There are sparse(More)
Power laws have been widely used to formulate relationships between objective intensity of stimulation and subjective intensity of sensation. We investigated the effects of dopaminergic drug treatment (sulpiride) on the relationship between somatosensory stimulus intensity and cortical response measured electrophysiologically by somatosensory-evoked(More)
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