V. Boutinard Rouelle-Rossier

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Using electron spectroscopic imaging, a new type of small granular structural constituent has been observed in the extrachromosomal zone of the polytene nucleus of the salivary gland cells ofChironomus thummi andChironomus tentans. These granules appear isolated or in small clumps and are often seen to be connected with surrounding thin fibrils. They are(More)
We studied at the ultrastructural level the presence of calcium and magnesium in the chromatoid body (CB) in mouse spermatids. In addition, the presence of these two cations was also examined in the nucleolus. By electron spectroscopic imaging (ESI) and electron energy loss spectroscopic (EELS) analyses on glutaraldehyde/pyroantimonate-fixed material, we(More)
The in situ distribution of phosphorus was studied in unstained ultrathin sections of salivary glands ofChironomus tentans andCh. thummi larvae using elemental mapping by means of an energy-filtering transmission electron microscope. This distribution was related to the structures observed using contrast enhancement with inelastically scattered electrons at(More)
The in situ distribution of phosphorus in perichromatin granules (PCGs), and in the surrounding nucleoplasm was investigated in rat liver cells by means of electron spectroscopic imaging of unstained preparations. A 2-3 nm fibril containing high concentration of phosphorus was found to be the main substructural feature of the PCGs revealed in the maps of(More)
The influence of HCl hydrolysis on DNA detection in a Feulgen-type reaction using osmium ammine has been analyzed at the electron microscopic level by means of electron spectroscopic imaging, electron energy loss spectroscopy and X-ray microanalysis in energy dispersive spectroscopy. Both the stained DNA and the phosphorus mapping for a given hydrolysis(More)
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