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The current paper presents the results of an economic evaluation of a new drought-resistant rootstock (M4), capable to maintain in adverse environmental conditions high photosynthetic activity, to accumulate osmotic compounds and to compensate for the accumulation of sodium and chlorine in the grapevines, in two core Italian grapevine growing areas: the(More)
Recently, Prosecco wine industry has dramatically increased. Wine producers were able to exploit successfully opportunities coming from both the supply growth and consumer appreciation (Boatto et al., 2008; Boatto et al., 2009). More recently, this success has been accomplished by an increasing competition on both domestic and international markets. Indeed,(More)
We separate the budgetary and non-budgetary effects of price on demand using choice data from wine tasting experiments in which consumers tasted wines of different quality accompanied by fictitious price information. The non-budgetary effect is present and nonlinear: it is strongly positive between e 3 and e 5, and undetectable between e 5 and e 8. We find(More)
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