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Auditory prosthesis (AP) is a widely used electronic device for patients suffering with severe hearing loss by electrically stimulating the auditory nerve using an electrode array surgically placed inside the inner ear. The AP also known as cochlear implant (CI) mainly contains external Body worn Speech Processor (BWSP) and internal Implantable Receiver(More)
This thesis presents the development of an embodied cognitive agent called Princess Cassie and her implementation as a cognitive actor in a Virtual Reality drama. This work effectively bridges the gap between, and builds upon previous work carried out on cognitive agent modeling and development and work carried out on the development of dramatic agents that(More)
Auditory prostheses (AP) using Cochlear Implant System a.k.a bionic ears are widely used electronic devices that electrically stimulate the auditory nerve using an electrode array, surgically placed in the inner ear for patients suffering from severe to profound senosorineural deafness. The AP mainly contains an external Body Worn Speech Processor (BWSP)(More)
Epiretinal prosthesis is a biomedical implant technology currently being developed around the world in hopes of restoring useful vision for patients suffering from retinal degenerative diseases such as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Epiretinal Prosthesis System (EPS) consists of four parts that includes Body Worn Image(More)
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