V. Bhargav Reddy

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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) represent a significant public health concern. Several STIs, once thought to be on the verge of extinction, have recently reemerged. This change is thought to be partially related to an increase in STIs of the anus and rectum. Importantly, the global human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(More)
OBJECTIVES AND DESIGN The deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)-salt model of hypertension is characterized by elevated vascular endothelin-1 (ET-1) and by reduced contraction to ET-1 in isolated mesenteric small arteries. The decreased contraction to ET-1 may be a compensatory mechanism caused by elevations in ET-1 and arterial pressure. The present study was(More)
Hypertension is associated with an increase in coronary artery disease, but little is known about the regulation of coronary vascular tone by endothelin-1 (ET-1) in hypertension. The present study evaluated the mechanisms mediating altered contraction to ET-1 in coronary small arteries from deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)-salt hypertensive rats.(More)
Diverticulitis is a debilitating complication of diverticular disease that affects approximately 2.5 million individuals in the United States. Compared to many other gastrointestinal conditions, diverticular disease is poorly understood in terms of its burden on patients and healthcare systems. This review examines the existing literature and discusses the(More)
BACKGROUND Fewer than 10% of patients with colon cancer in the United States are reportedly treated with a laparoscopic colectomy despite the benefits it has over the open approach. This estimate, however, may be artificially low because of inaccurate case identification. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to estimate the proportion of colon resections(More)
BACKGROUND Given the recent changes in general surgical training, this study was undertaken to assess the confidence of graduating general surgery residents in performing open operations and to determine factors that are associated with increased confidence. METHODS A survey was sent to the 5th-year general surgery residents in the Northeast. Respondents(More)
INTRODUCTION The American Board of Surgery endoscopy requirements for general surgery training are evolving. In 2006, the Residency Review Committee in Surgery increased the total number of endoscopy cases required before completion of general surgery residency training. This requirement is set to change further, given the new Flexible Endoscopic Curriculum(More)
BACKGROUND Features predictive of malignant small bowel obstructions among patients with previous gynecologic malignancies remain undetermined. METHODS Predictors of malignancy and mortality among patients with gynecologic malignancies and bowel obstructions were identified through a retrospective review of records. RESULTS Malignancy was noted among(More)
Software packet processing is increasingly commonplace, especially for software-defined networking constructs. Previous work has investigated methods to efficiently map packet processing pipelines to general-purpose processor architectures. Concurrently, novel high-level domain-specific languages (DSLs) for specifying modern packet processing pipeline(More)
BACKGROUND General surgical training has changed significantly over the last decade with work hour restrictions, increasing subspecialization, the expanding use of minimally invasive techniques, and nonoperative management for solid organ trauma. Given these changes, this study was undertaken to assess the confidence of graduating general surgery residents(More)