V. Bharathi

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WiMAX networks are intended to cover diverse clutter categories with a higher data range and throughput compared with 2G/3G networks. This paper explains an approach to the analytical dimensioning and possible planning techniques for a cellular network based on IEEE 802.16j technology. The main emphasis is on the methodology used for evaluating the cell(More)
This paper is a high‑level introduction to the complexities involved in dimension‑ ing and planning of Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) net‑ works, with specific emphasis on key WiMAX features and planning techniques that need to be considered for optimal network coverage, capacity, and service require‑ ments. We introduce Fujitsu's(More)
—Mobile Ad-hoc network is a collection of two or more node equipped with wireless communication and it's a low power device for data transmission. Many Proactive based power aware routing protocol was implemented by many researchers. In this paper, we described an optimized power reactive routing based AODV protocol by using concept of cognitive function.(More)
Handwritten document recognition is an area of pattern recognition that has been showing impressive performance in the machine printed text. Handwritten document recognition is an intricate task to various writing styles of individual person. The system first identifies the contour in a handwritten document for segmentation and features are extracted from(More)
Digital image processing and its associated fields play a prominent role in many research areas such as academia, industries, medicine, robotics, etc. But still reconstruction of super resolution image from the low resolution image is still area of concern and vast amount of research is done in past but none can meet the practical requirements.(More)
Group Communication has become important in Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET). But because of its dynamic topology it is difficult to implement group communication in MANET. In order to implement group communication, Efficient Geographic Multicasting Protocol (EGMP) came into existence, the efficiency and scalability of the protocol was already tested using(More)
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