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In collaboration under a Department of Energy grant for the Industries of the Future, General Electric and Sensicast Systems have studied performance of 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceivers in factory environments, with particular attention to jamming from 802.11 and multipath fading. Temporal and frequency variations in link quality are explored. The(More)
We show here that osteoclasts possess an abundant level of focal adhesion kinase, a novel cytosolic tyrosine kinase with unique structural features that may play an important role in the action of pp60c-src, cell surface integrins, and hormonal peptides. The presence of focal adhesion kinase in the bone cell osteoclast was determined using monoclonal(More)
The feasibility of a composite tailored wing for a high-speed civil tiltrotor is addressed using existing analytical methods. Composite tailoring is utilized to increase the proprotor aeroelastic stability margins for a thin wing (18% t/c) designed to improve high speed performance and productivity. Structural tailoring concepts are applied to the wing(More)
A new dual based procedure for the transportation problem " , ERP implementation and its effect on a few variables of organization structure and manager's job " , Two-level modified simulated annealing based approach for solving facility layout problem " , A review of different approaches to the facility layout problem " ,
We propose and study the Maximum Constrained Agreement Sub-tree (MCAST) problem, which is a variant of the classical Maximum Agreement Subtree (MAST) problem. Our problem allows users to apply their domain knowledge to control the construction of the agreement subtrees in order to get better results. We show that the MCAST problem can be reduced to the MAST(More)
We consider the problem of phylogenetic reconstruction, which consists in estimating the evolutionary history of a set of species. This unknown history is modelled as a tree and estimated from nucleotide sequences taken from the species' genome. The ÿrst goal of the estimation is to produce a tree which is structurally as close as possible to the true tree.(More)
We report here a case of primary osteoclastoma that despite possessing HLA-DR-positive status and 'functional' calcitonin receptors, exhibited aggressive in vitro and in vivo bone resorptive activity. In the osteoclast bone slice assay employing scanning electron microscopy, the giant cell-mediated bone resorption was uninhibited by salmon calcitonin (10(More)
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