V B Zbarskiĭ

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Carminomycins II and III, the main components of the carminomycin complex were isolated in pure state. Their crystalline exalates and acetate of cardminomycin II were prepared. The PMR spectra of both carminomycins and the 13C-NMR spectra of the oxalates were obtained. The molecular weights of the antibiotics were determined by mass-spectrometry. On the(More)
Three components differing by their properties from the carminomycins described earlier were isolated from the carminomycin complex. Comparison of the IR and UV spectra, as well as chromatographic and physicochemical properties of 2 of them showed that they were dihydrocarminomycin and its aglycone or dihydrocarminomycinone, which was prepared earlier by(More)
Novel antibiotics with in vitro activity against gram-positive bacteria were isolated from Actinomadura fulvescens INA 3321 and INA 3852. Conditions for biosynthesis and isolation of antibiotics 3321 and 3852, as well as their physicochemical and biological properties were studied. Chromatographic analysis of the antibiotics revealed that each of them(More)
A three component system for separating a mixture of carminomycin, carminomycinone and 13-dihydrocarminomycinone by HPLC was developed. Spherisorb ODS Column, 4.6 X 250 mm, the particle size of 10 micron was used. The impact of the mobile phase composition, temperature during chromatography and buffer solution pH on the capacity factors K' for every of the(More)
A new three-component system was developed for separation of a mixture containing 6 components: doxorubicin, rubomycin, dihydrorubomycin, 14-bromrubomycin, doxorubicinone and rubomycinone. The system uses reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography. Separation was performed on a column with Spherisorb C18 (4.6 X 250 mm) with the particle size of 10(More)
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