V. B. Yap

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The parameters by which alignments are scored can strongly affect sensitivity and specificity of alignment procedures. While appropriate parameter choices are well understood for protein alignments, much less is known for genomic DNA sequences. We describe a straightforward approach to scoring nucleotide substitutions in genomic sequence alignments,(More)
In the clinical management of heritable cardiac arrhythmias (HCAs), risk stratification is of prime importance. The ability to predict the likelihood of individuals within a sub-population contracting a pathology potentially resulting in sudden death gives subjects the opportunity to put preventive measures in place, and make the necessary lifestyle(More)
It is generally agreed that in order to determine any difference in vestibular sensitivity between the two inner ears, the best clinical procedure involves a quantitative expression of the slow phase nystagmus response to standardized caloric (or rotatory) stimulation. The preferred procedure has involved averaging the slopes of a few of the nystagmus(More)
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