V B Vouk

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Metallic elements contained in coal, oil and gasoline are mobilized by combustion processes and may be emitted into the atmosphere, mainly as components of submicron particles. The information about the amounts, composition and form of metal compounds is reviewed for some fuels and combustion processes. Since metal compounds are always contained in urban(More)
The composition, environmental fate, and effects of the polybrominated biphenyls (Firemaster BP-6 or FF-1) involved in the accidental contamination of cattle feed in Michigan in 1973 are reviewed. Toxic effects referred to in this report are limited to those occurring in domestic and laboratory animals and include general toxicity, neurobehavioral toxicity,(More)
Psychosocial factors are thought to influence risk and survival from cancer. We have previously studied specific behaviours in transgenic male CD-1 MT42 mice, which overexpress the gene encoding human transforming growth factor a (TGFa) in multiple tissues, and which develop a high incidence of spontaneous hepatocellular carcinoma. The male TGFa mice spent(More)
One of the objectives of environmental health programs is the early identification of potential health hazards arising from adverse environmental situations, in order to design preventive measures capable of improving environmental conditions before the perturbations of community health parameters go beyond acceptable levels. The design of such preventive(More)
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