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Renovascular hypertension [bilateral simultaneous stenosis of renal arteries] was produced in 35 dogs of different ages [18--22 days, 2--3 months, 3--5 years]. On days 3 and 14 of renal ischaemia, the alterations were investigated that had occurred in the arterial pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, total peripheral vascular resistance [TPVR], left(More)
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Experiments on male rats were made to study the effect of chorionic gonadotropin (CG) on water diuresis and electrolyte excretion. CG was injected parenterally in a dose of 200 U/100 g bw for 1, 10 and 20 days. The volume of diuresis during the first hour decreased because of a rise in water reabsorption. It was demonstrated that CG was capable of raising(More)
The effects of the pig calcitonin on the kidney excretory function in normotensive (NR) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) were examined. Calcitonin injection in the dose of 0.6 U/100 g of the body mass in NR and SHR in the conditions of 6-hour spontaneous diuresis caused the increase in the urination volume due to the inhibition of the tubular water(More)
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  • 1978
Vasorenal hypertension was induced in 2--3-month-old puppies and adult dogs by stricture of both renal arteries. 1.5 mg/kg of pyrroxan was injected intravenously 3 and 14 days later. A reduction of increased arterial pressure was noted both in adult dogs and in puppies, to the subnormal level in the latter. Hypotensive effect of the preparation was(More)
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  • Zhurnal evoliutsionnoĭ biokhimii i fiziologii
  • 1978
The activity of renin in the blood plasma of 10-, 18--22-day and 2--3-month puppies is higher than in adult dogs. Blocking beta adrenoreceptors in 18--22-day, 2--3 month and adult animals decreases the activity of renin. Hypotensive effect following beta adrenergic block in 10-day puppies and alfa adrenergic block in puppies of all age groups is accompanied(More)