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Thy-1dull gammadelta T cells are an unusual subset of mature TCRgammadelta T cells characterized by their highly restricted TCR repertoire. In DBA/2 mice, they predominantly express the product of the Vgamma1 gene together with that of a member of the Vdelta6 subfamily (the Vdelta6.4 gene) and their junctional sequences show very little diversity. To(More)
IL-4-producing gamma delta thymocytes in normal mice belong to a distinct subset of gamma delta T cells characterized by low expression of Thy-1. This gamma delta thymocyte subset shares a number of phenotypic and functional properties with the NK T cell population. Thy-1dull gamma delta thymocytes in DBA/2 mice express a restricted repertoire of TCRs that(More)
We have characterized the function, phenotype, ontogenic development, and T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire of a subpopulation of gamma delta thymocytes, initially defined by expressing low levels of Thy-1, that represents around 5% and 30% of total gamma delta thymocytes in adult C57BL/6 and DBA/2 mice, respectively. Activation of FACS-sorted Thy-1dull(More)
To quantitate the frequency of Valpha/delta gene utilization by TCRgammadelta T cells we have generated a large panel of gammadelta T cell hybridomas and characterized their productive VDJ rearrangements. Using three novel mAb specific for the Vdelta5 chain and for several members of the Vdelta6 subfamily together with previously described Valpha- and(More)
IL-4-producing gamma delta cells belong to a novel subset of gamma delta lymphocytes that expresses a very restricted repertoire of TCRs. To gain a deeper insight into the development and in vivo functions of these cells, we have analyzed the genetic control of their representation in the thymus. Using an intercross between C57BL/6 and DBA/2 mice we found(More)
Thy-1 dull gamma delta thymocytes constitute an unusual subset of mature TCR gamma delta cells which share with NK T cells the expression of cell surface markers usually associated with activated or memory cells and the simultaneous production of high levels of IL-4 and IFN-gamma upon activation. In DBA / 2 mice, Thy-1 dull gamma delta thymocytes express a(More)
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