V. Armstrong

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Drawing on socio-cultural theory, this paper describes how teams of teachers and researchers have developed ways of embedding information and communications technology (ICT) into everyday classroom practices to enhance learning. The focus is on teaching and learning across a range of subjects: English, history, geography, mathematics, modern foreign(More)
The study was designed to investigate auditory and visual sequential memory of mentally retarded individuals. Experiment 1, conducted with Down syndrome children and adolescents, replicated previous findings of poor auditory sequential memory on the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities. In Experiment 2, nonretarded kindergarteners showed superior(More)
This 1-year, longitudinal comparative study of Chinese and Caucasian family caregiving for a child with cancer is reported in two parts. Part I describes data obtained from the initial interviews at diagnosis with Chinese and Caucasian families. Interviews revealed that Chinese families use supplemental care methods, Chinese families have fewer resources(More)
Chinese immigrant and North American white family caregiving for a child with cancer was compared in a 1-year study. This second of a two-part report describes interview results after first remission and at 1-year postdiagnosis. (The first part reported results of the initial interview and family function, symptom and caregiving inventories administered at(More)
BACKGROUND To assess whether the gestation at which abnormal uterine artery waveforms disappear is related to birthweight and complications of pregnancy. METHODS A prospective study of outcome of pregnancy after a uterine artery Doppler screening program set in an inner city teaching hospital. One thousand five hundred and twenty-four consecutive women(More)
The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) came into force in June 1988. This legislation provides the federal government with broad powers to deal with health and environmental problems posed by chemicals and the products of biotechnology throughout their life cycle. Responsibility for administering CEPA is shared between the Department of the(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of the present study was to determine cobalt and chromium ion levels in the blood and urine of patients in whom a modern-generation metal-on-metal hip resurfacing device had been implanted. METHODS A total of ninety-seven patients with a Conserve Plus metal-on-metal hip resurfacing implant were followed prospectively for two years.(More)
The study was planned to determine the proportion of parents that wish to know the sex of their fetus at the 20-week anomaly scan, and to investigate our ability to diagnose correctly the sex of the fetus when undertaken as part of a routine scan. A total of 472 patients gave their informed consent. An attempt was made to identify the genitalia as part of(More)
Factors influencing the contribution made by drinking water to an individual's exposure to chemical contaminants are reviewed. Deficiencies inherent in simple computational procedures (such as those which rely on the impact of 'average' values to estimate the relative importance of air, food and water and other vehicles by which man is exposed to(More)
Epidemiological and toxicological studies established positive associations between environmental hazards and adverse child health outcomes, including cancer, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, developmental effects, low birth weight, and birth defects. The economic and societal costs associated with children's environmental health disorders were(More)