V. Ananta Rahul

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The present study involves design and characterization of floating microspheres with Nateglinide as model drug for prolongation of gastric residence time. Nateglinide Floating Microspheres were prepared by w/o/o emulsification solvent diffusion technique using rate controlling polymers ethyl cellulose and hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose. The shape and(More)
This study addresses a Data Center Cooling Control System App designed and developed to make the existing technology modular and economical. The project has been carried out using standard lab equipment and software. The emphasis of the study is on conditioning the outside air by using the cooling systems that aren't energy intensive and hence reduce the(More)
This paper proposes the overview of the nanobots. Nanorobots is the emerging technology field of developing machines which are of nanoscale. The major applications of nanorobots are in medical field. They are used in medical field for treating cancer, checking blood contents, diagnoses and accurate drug delivery. Overview of latest developments in(More)
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