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A compound, highly toxic to goldfish, was found to be released from a vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) automotive upholstery fabric when the material was immersed in their water. The compound, a flame retardant used in such material, was identified by specific detector gas chromatography and mass spectrometry as triphenyl phosphate. Fish exposed to the immersed(More)
A number of commercial and candidate flame retardants were studied with regard to their toxicity to goldfish, inhibition of cholinesterase, inhibition of acetyl choline binding to its receptor and insecticidal properties. Several of the flame retardants were notably toxic to fish. Some of the compounds showed modest inhibition of cholinesterase and/or(More)
We use renormalization-group methods in effective field theory to improve the theoretical prediction for the cross section for Higgs-boson production at hadron colliders. In addition to soft-gluon resummation at N 3 LL, we also resum enhanced contributions of the form (C A πα s) n , which arise in the analytic continuation of the gluon form factor to(More)
Between 1961 and 1983, 544 goniotomies were performed at the Department of Ophthalmology of the University of Hamburg and Bremen General Hospital. Of these 227 were performed in 130 eyes with congenital glaucoma between 1961 and 1983. Pressure regulation was achieved in 72% of the eyes examined 3-22 years postoperatively. The prognosis is not related to the(More)
Optimally designed cavopulmonary connections are desirable to reduce transanastomotic power loss. Since aplanarity of the total cavopulmonary connections results from the natural anterior-posterior position of the superior vena cava and the right pulmonary artery, the aim of this study was to investigate the influence of aplanarity of caval offset on(More)
The proposed use of municipal sewage sludges as soil amendments on agricultural land involves potential health risks. Sludges may contain toxic heavy metals, synthetic organics, and pathogens. Studies of animals inhabiting sludge-amended soils, or foraging on crops grown on such soils, have shown an increased deposition of cadmium and polychlorinated(More)
A number of commercial and candidate flame retardants were studied with regard to their toxicity to fish when released from fabrics immersed in their water. Immersion of laundered or unlaundered flame retardant 100% polyester or polyester blend fabrics used in children's sleepwear in water containing goldfish resulted in release of the anticholin-esterase(More)
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