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Social Computing has evolved with the purpose of triggering the collective consciousness of human beings thereby leading them to common goals. This bringing together of people has opened up a cornucopia of possibilities in education. However the large scale implementation of social computing in a university setting is still not widespread as one would(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of hybrid wave-pipelined 2D DWT using lifting scheme. In this approach different lifting blocks are interconnected using pipelining and the individual blocks are implemented using Wave-Pipelining (WP). For the purpose of comparison, non pipelined scheme as well as the scheme with pipelining within the blocks(More)
— Wave-pipelining is proposed as one of the techniques for the design of high speed digital circuits in the literature. Higher operating frequencies can be achieved in wave-pipelined digital circuits, by adjusting the clock periods and clock skews so as to latch the outputs of combinational logic circuits at the stable periods. Major contribution of this(More)
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