V. Abirami Nachammai

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Most of the mining techniques has only concerned with interesting patterns. However, in the recent years, there is an increasing demand of mining the Unexpected Items or Outliers or Rare Items. Several application domains have realized the direct mapping between outliers in data and real world anomalies that are of great interest to an analyst. Outliers(More)
Despite 20 years of progress in synthesizing thiolated gold nanoclusters (Au NCs), the knowledge of their growth mechanism still lags behind. Herein the detailed process from reduction of Au(I)-thiolate complex precursors to the eventual evolution of and focusing to the atomically precise Au25 NCs was revealed for the first time by monitoring the time(More)
Security threats for the network services have been constantly increasing day by day. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is one such kind of security threat which involves multiple systems generating a large amount of traffic towards a target machine and thereby making any service from that target machine or server unavailable to its clients. This(More)
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