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The analysis of the status of sympatho-adrenal and hypophysis-adrenal medulla systems of adaptation in children living in territories contaminated by radionuclides was carried out. A decrease in the catecholamine level in children's urine and hyperactivity of the hormonal response of adrenal medulla to endogenous ACTH indicated the reduced ability of(More)
Some ways of synchronization are identified in the wild pig behaviour, which are parallel body orientation, group getting together and away, individual approaching and moving away, sound signals. Parallel synchronization is characteristic for various compact groups, males and females exposing some differences in the synchronization duration and distances.(More)
The role of the Siberian musk deer in the diets of the Amur tiger, brown bear, and Asian black bear has been studied in the Sikhote-Alin State Biosphere Reserve in 1992 to 2016. Information has been collected from 763 tiger feeding sites, and the contents of tiger feces have been analyzed. Radiotelemetry has been used to evaluate tiger–musk deer(More)
EEGs of 15 healthy subjects and 30 patients in early period after surgical ablation of tumours with basal localization, were investigated by means of monitor "Neuro-1" which allows to obtain in continuous regime characteristics of EEG dynamics according to power spectra and reveal the characteristics of intercentral relations of electrical brain processes(More)
In spontaneous regression of rat sarcoma 45, Walker carcinosarcoma in rats and Brown-Pearce carcinoma in rabbits there was found biochemically and histochemically the enhancement of oxidation processes in the organism of animals, which was associated with the reduction of the ATP content, the increased rate of the coupling of oxidation to phosphorylation.(More)