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EEGs of 15 healthy subjects and 30 patients in early period after surgical ablation of tumours with basal localization, were investigated by means of monitor "Neuro-1" which allows to obtain in continuous regime characteristics of EEG dynamics according to power spectra and reveal the characteristics of intercentral relations of electrical brain processes(More)
Some ways of synchronization are identified in the wild pig behaviour, which are parallel body orientation, group getting together and away, individual approaching and moving away, sound signals. Parallel synchronization is characteristic for various compact groups, males and females exposing some differences in the synchronization duration and distances.(More)
The orientation of elk and other mammals studied in fields with visual and instrumental tracing has obviously hierarchical organization. Animals usually choose general direction headed for distant markers and then select short-distance landmarks. Movements of animals to distant and close landmarks is characterized by almost constant or regularly changing(More)
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