V. A. Zaitsev

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Over the last 40 years, the red fox has spread into the tundra zone, which coincided with its population increase in European Russia. Foxes become more abundant from the northeast southwestward according to zonal regularities. Their population density is the highest in the southern taiga, the subtaiga, and partly in the forest tundra of the Kola Peninsula.(More)
The analysis of the status of sympatho-adrenal and hypophysis-adrenal medulla systems of adaptation in children living in territories contaminated by radionuclides was carried out. A decrease in the catecholamine level in children's urine and hyperactivity of the hormonal response of adrenal medulla to endogenous ACTH indicated the reduced ability of(More)
Some ways of synchronization are identified in the wild pig behaviour, which are parallel body orientation, group getting together and away, individual approaching and moving away, sound signals. Parallel synchronization is characteristic for various compact groups, males and females exposing some differences in the synchronization duration and distances.(More)
The authors made an analysis of results of treatment of 146 patients with diffuse phlegmons of the neck. The use of cryoplasmic-antifermentative complex and plasmapheresis in complex treatment allowed to increase the efficiency of pathogenetic therapy for phlegmons of the neck and contact mediastinitis, to improve the entry of antibiotics and enzyme(More)
The role of the Siberian musk deer in the diets of the Amur tiger, brown bear, and Asian black bear has been studied in the Sikhote-Alin State Biosphere Reserve in 1992 to 2016. Information has been collected from 763 tiger feeding sites, and the contents of tiger feces have been analyzed. Radiotelemetry has been used to evaluate tiger–musk deer(More)