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Identification of bacteria using the rRNA operon Medical microbiology is extremely reliant on the culture of bacteria from clinical specimens and their subsequent identification by biochemical and phenotypic characteristics for the diagnosis of disease. Following determination of the structure of DNA by Watson & Crick (1953), studies in bacteriology have(More)
Genes essential for the production of a linear, bacterial (1-->3)-beta-glucan, curdlan, have been cloned for the first time from Agrobacterium sp. ATCC31749. The genes occurred in two, nonoverlapping, genomic fragments that complemented different sets of curdlan( crd )-deficient transposon-insertion mutations. These were detected as colonies that failed to(More)
Two fertility inhibition (Fi+) functions which reduce R388 (Inc W) transfer were detected on RP1 (Inc P). Neither function affected R388 -mediated surface exclusion but they could be distinguished by their effect on pilus production. One of the functions was located in the 6.5-kb Pst1 -C region of RP1, part or all of which also occurs on six Fi+ but not two(More)
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