V A Slavinska

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The reticulo-thalamic projection arising from the ncl. latero-dorsalis and from the subncl. compactus nuclei pedunculo-pontini was studied in single and double experiments using 51 injections of HRP and/or iron-dextran. The ncl. latero-dorsalis projects to the midline nuclei, to the ncl. mediodorsalis and to the ncl. ventralis lateralis, and, together with(More)
The authors describe an experimental model for examining the changes occuring in the haemodynamics of the small circuit as a result of created artificial defect of the interatrial septum. An original operative technique is used, by which the complete clamping of the right lung artery and vera is avoided and lung complications are prevented. The performed(More)
The authors performed a model loading of the right heart ventricle in 40 dogs in 17 dogs--acute tension loading by creating a partial ligature (banding) of the pulmonary artery; the dogs were examined in respect to the changes hemodynamics and ECG for a period of three hours. In the second group of 10 dogs a chronic tension loading of the right heart was(More)
After a brief discussion on the basis of the dilution method for determination of telediastolic volume (TDV) of the ventricles, the authors described the results from their own experimental studies on 8 nonbred dogs, on whom 186 curves of indicator "washing" (of the dye "Cardiogreen" were recorded, presented on 2 tables. The results showed that the(More)
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