V. A. Sidorov

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We describe a self-starting optical pulse source generating ultra low noise 15-ps-wide pulses at 10 GHz. It is based on a hybrid optoelectronic oscillator comprising a fiber extended cavity mode-locked diode laser which injection locks a self-oscillating heterojunction bipolar phototransistor. Average jitter levels of 40-43 fs and an amplitude noise of(More)
The results of switching tests of a DC vacuum circuit-breaker designed for rated voltage 3.3 kV and rated current 3000A are presented. The circuit-breaker is intended for current interruption in the networks with fault currents up to 30 kA. To interrupt the direct current, the authors used a method of artificial current transition through zero in the(More)
The thermal regime of the Ni tape immersed into liquid nitrogen and heated up due to Joule losses generated by a step-like direct current is studied experimentally and theoretically. The temporal dependence of the temperature rise in Ni tape is measured. An adiabatic approach is shown to give a conservative result. According to our results, taking into(More)
Triggered vacuum switches (TVS) owing to high switching capacities are widely used in pulse power and pulse technologies. High current triggered vacuum switch (TVS) has been developed for switching of current in AC networks with frequency from 50 Hz till hundreds hertz. New TVS has disk electrode system which forms axial magnetic field by flowing current(More)
We present an InP HBT distributed amplifier with a bandwidth of 75 GHz, gain of 14 dB, and power consumption of 78 mW. The HBTs had a 600 nm thick collector, and hence relatively low f<sub>T</sub> and f<sub>MAX </sub> of 84 GHz and 150 GHz respectively. The thick collector is a tradeoff required in optoelectronic integrated receivers, in which the PIN diode(More)
A simple procedure to obtain an analytical equation for the distribution function of breakdown voltage in devices containing an arbitrary number of identical elements in series is proposed. The obtained results make possible to analyze an influence of static properties of the elements and their number on the dielectric strength of a device as a whole. The(More)
60 kV vacuum interrupters (VI) for 110 kV circuit-breakers are investigated. Reduction of dielectric strength of VI in process of expiration of an electric resource is revealed at lightning pulse test. It occurs owing to reduction of dielectric strength of system &#x201C;case-shield&#x201D; owing to metallization of a part of an internal insulation surface(More)
An opportunity of application of high-current triggered vacuum switches (TVS) in electric power industry is studied. Researches were carried out on the TVS samples with adjustable length of an inter-electrode gap. Results of the researches have shown, that TVS is capable to switch repeatedly currents of industrial frequency with amplitude up to tens(More)
We report an advanced millimeter-wave source comprising two bipolar heterojunction photo transistors: one serving as a self oscillator and the second as an optoelectronic modulator. Optical injection locking of the first as well as analog and digital modulation of the second have been demonstrated.