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In experimental animals exposed to hydrogen sulfide-containing gas, electron microscopic study of cerebral cortex indicated the variability in the reaction of layer V neurons: along with neurons demonstrating irreversible damage, some cells with single signs of alteration were found. The reaction of different types of glial cells was also non-uniform.(More)
The damaging effect of aluminum ions (Al3+) on the organism is widely investigated in clinics and experiments that indicate its role as a participant in the synthesis of precursors for amyloid proteins and as a potential agent in the ethiology of Alzheimer's disease. It has been shown that Al produces neurotoxic effects. We established that AlCl3 produces(More)
Grave destructive changes of myelin nerve fibers in the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres were found in rats intoxicated with hydrogen sulfide gas of the Astrakhan gas deposit. Repeated exposures to natural hydrogen sulfide containing gas in subacute chronic intoxication (100 mg/m3 by H2S) damage predominantly myelin areas corresponding to myelin incisions(More)
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