V A Rezin

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Cognitive theories of depression propose that depressed mood is caused by depressing cognitions (negative thoughts). In two studies of depressed patients, presentation of external information at a high rate was used to reduce the frequency of negative thoughts, and the subsequent effect on depressed mood examined. Single-case designs were employed in both(More)
  • V A Rezin
  • 1989
In the experiments on white rats resuscitated after a 7-minute mechanical asphyxia, phase disorders in the indices of the system of regulation of aggregate state of the blood in postresuscitation period have been revealed. They appear in the shape of a syndrome of disseminated intravascular blood coagulation with the development of hypercoagulation phase by(More)
Structural changes in alveolar lung tissue microcirculatory bed and circulatory disturbances (edema, hemorrhage, thrombosis) were studied in postresuscitation period after experimental clinical death following acute hemorrhage and mechanical asphyxia. Circulatory disturbances proved essential in the pathogenesis of postresuscitation respiratory(More)
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