V. A. Pryanishnikov

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In dogs with acute myocardial ischemia the most complete mobilization of glycogen and the most complete and effective utilization of its breakdown products are observed after preliminary treatment with izatin, and not of γ-hydroxybutyric acid (GHBA) and gutimin. Izatin potentiates the beneficial effect of GHBA on the energy metabolism of the myocardium.
The probability methods of analysis are of considerable interest for the theory and practice of electroencephalography [2]. The probability characteristics of the EEG can be studied both with respect to intensity [1, 2] and time. The instants of the transition of the EEG signals to the t ime axis are the carriers of information with respect to the t ime(More)
The frequency meter consists of a pulse shaper, integrator, and recorder. The circui t of the frequency meter operates in such a manner that each t ime the signal of the EEG has a positive value, a vol tage impulse of a certain ampl i tude duration is del ivered from the pulse shaper to the integrator. The number of impulses per unit t ime (average(More)
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During statisticalanalysis of the electroencephalogram (EEG) valuable information can be obtained by measuring the dispersion or the mean square of the signal voltage at the output of the electroencephalograph. Existing electrical measuring instruments give only the mean or the peak value of the signal voltage [2]. Such instruments can be graduated in(More)
A modification of a histochemical method for the detection of GABA-transaminase is suggested. Optimal concentrations of substrates and coenzymes were chosen on the basis of an investigation of the enzyme reaction in frozen sections through the rat cerebellar cortex by a quantitative microspectrophotometric method.
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