V. A. Podolskiy

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We demonstrate strong coupling between a mid-infrared perfect absorber and a molecular absorption resonance embedded in our absorber structure. Anti-crossing behavior is demonstrated as the perfect absorber resonance is tuned through the molecular absorption line, both experimentally and numerically, and is described analytically using a simple coupled(More)
We have extensively investigated heavily doped semiconductors as potential plasmonic metals at long wavelengths. The ability to control the doping level in a semiconductor material, both III-V's (InAs/InSb) and Silicon, allows for control of the metal's optical properties, and adds an intriguing additional controllable parameter to the design of plasmonic(More)
nanotubes M. J. Paul, N. A. Kuhta, J. L. Tomaino, A. D. Jameson, L. P. Maizy, T. Sharf, N. L. Rupesinghe, K. B. K. Teo, S. Inampudi, V. A. Podolskiy, E. D. Minot, and Yun-Shik Lee Department of Physics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 97331-6507, USA AIXTRON Ltd., Buckingway Business Park, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambridge CB24 4FQ, United(More)
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