V. A. Nazarenko

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The interaction of tungsten(VI) with a series of 2,3,7-trihydroxyfluorones in the presence of cationic and non-ionic surfacants has been studied. Optimal conditions for the formation of the complexes and their spectrophotometric determination have been found. Possible mechanisms for the effect of the surfactants are suggested. The method developed has been(More)
The development Of modern analytical methods makes it possible to work out procedures for the analysis of medicinal preparations which, in contrast to previously accepted analytical methods, can be used to determine the content of the active starting material with high sensitivity and accuracy both in medicinal forms and in the biological fluids of humans(More)
Parity nonconservation (PNC) has been studied in neutron p-wave resonances of 117Sn. The longitudinal asymmetries were measured for 29 p-wave resonances in the neutron energy range 0.8 eV to 1100 eV. Statistically significant PNC effects were observed for four resonances. A statistical analysis determined the rms weak mixing matrix element and the weak(More)
Parity violation has been studied recently for neutron resonances in 117Sn. The neutron resonance spectroscopy is essential for the analysis of the parity violation data. We have measured neutron resonances in 117Sn for neutron energies from 1 to 1500 eV using the time-of-flight method and the (n,γ) reaction. The sample was enriched to 87.6% 117Sn. Neutron(More)
Technetium-99m pertechnetate equilibrium ventriculography was used to evaluate the effects of captopril in a single dose of 50 mg on the changes in ST segment depression during the identical bicycle ergometer exercise, as well as on systemic and regional hemodynamic parameters in 10 patients (mean age 52 years) with Functional Classes II-III(More)
Sixty acute appendicitis suspects with unclear clinical picture were examined with high-frequency ultrasound and native CT. The results of the examinations were compared with clinical data, surgical findings and histological evidence. Acute appendicitis was in 39 patients, other diseases of abdominal cavity and small pelvis--in 21. Sensitivity of CT was(More)
The article discusses the data on the detection of ventricular extrasytole by means of the load test on a bicycle ergometer in 150 patients who had suffered from myocardial infarction. Much more patients with latent disorders of rhythm are detected by the load test than by means of the standard ECG recorded at rest. It was noted that the ventricular(More)
The efficacy of 7 well-known Class I antiarrhythmic agents were retrospectively and by+crossover compared in 2 groups of patients treated in hospital in different years for ventricular arrhythmias. Class IC agents proved to be the most potent in the two groups of patients. The following algorithm is proposed to choose Class I agents: if quinidine or(More)