V. A. Maslov

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The method of calculation is proposed and coefficients of reflection and transmission of symmetric modes are obtained numerically for diffraction mirror in the form of a radial or circular diaphragms which placed inside a metal circular waveguide. The conditions of application of the polarization-selective mirrors for obtaining the modes with a given(More)
The influence of the curvature of the spherical mirror for metallic waveguide resonator of submillimeter laser (» = 0.4326 mm) on energy losses and the mode composition of radiation is investigated. It is shown that the presence of quadratic phase aberrations in the mirrors of the waveguide cavity with an increase of its Fresnel number at(More)
The method of obtaining of wave beams with a uniform intensity profile in the waveguide quasioptical resonator (WQR) is described. It is based on the self-imaging properties of multimode rectangular waveguides and using the nonuniform mirror with the discretely distributed absorbing or scattering sections. The theoretical model and calculation algorithm of(More)
A description is given of a method of forming, in a waveguide quasi-optical resonator, non-Gaussian light beams with a uniform intensity distribution. The method is based on the coherent summation of transverse waveguide modes due to change by radius of curvature for one of mirrors. The theoretical model and calculation algorithm for characteristics of the(More)
Theoretical and experimental investigations of submillimeter laser radiation transmission of Gaussian profile are carried out in hollow metal rectangular waveguides for a determination of optimal excitation conditions of the waveguides, undistorted transmission of an initial beam and development of guidelines on use of given waveguides in submillimeter(More)
EP to a test click appears in the auditory cortex of alert intact dogs in 30--40 ms after the conditioning click (period of the so called absolute refractory state). The curve of the recovery of the second EP has a complex periodic character with two stages of complete recovery of the early EP complex amplitude: rapid initial after 80--180 ms, and final,(More)
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