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Histochemical, electron-microscopic, pharmacological and physiological studies of structural and functional features of the frog blood vessels revealed a difference in the peripheral neural apparata of different vessels as expressed by different grades of the contractile responses to exogenous substances and electrical stimulation: the better innervated a(More)
The paper reviews some problems of theoretical investigation of the spatial of adrenergic drugs and their receptors, citing results recently obtained by the authors. It includes the chapters as follows: Introduction; Conformation - activity relationships of ligands; Theoretical conformational analysis; Noradrenaline; Classification and some models of(More)
Ultrastructural study of the rabbit central ear artery in different periods after unilateral sympathectomy (from 2 days to 9 months) revealed that the sympathetic denervation led to obvious destructive changes in cells of all layers of the vascular wall. The earliest degenerative changes occurred in the endothelial cells, then--in the muscular sheath. The(More)
The adrenergic innervation of major arteries and veins was examined in DOCA-NaCl hypertensive rats using a histochemical fluorescent technique to detect the intraneuronal catecholamine content. The possible role of sodium and chloride ions was studied in DOCA-treated rats which were fed a low-salt diet which was supplemented with sodium bicarbonate instead(More)
Structural peculiarities of pial arteries and their active microvascular segments-sphincters in offshoots and precortical arteries have been investigated, using electron and light microscopy. Our studies have revealed that these vascular segments, which can independently change their lumen, possess multiple myoendothelial junctions, as well as(More)
The adrenergic system of the beluga, Huso huso, was studied by glyoxylic acid fluorescence histochemistry, analyses of catecholamine content in various organs and studies of the effects of acetylcholine and adrenaline on isolated strip preparations from blood vessels, spleen, atrium and ventricle. Chromaffin cells were found mainly in the walls of the(More)