V. A. Dudko

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The loading tests, instrumental and biochemical methods were employed to study the effect of mildronate, dalargin, rokornal, gevilon, dibunol, emoxipine and plasmapheresis on the coronary, cerebral, peripheral circulation, the level of cholesterol, its fractions and triglycerides in 247 patients suffering from atherosclerosis. Mildronate, dalargin,(More)
Against placebo background 50 patients with effort stenocardia received mildronate, a new native cardioactive drug and its effects on the clinical course in conditions of spirometric bicycle ergometry were studied. It was found that monotherapy with mildronate is accompanied by an antianginal effect and an increase of the physical working capacity of(More)
The study showed that chronic stimulation of peripheral μ- and δ-opiate receptors by a course of intravenous D-Ala2–Leu5-Arg6-enkephalin (dalargin) causes an antianginal effect in patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and increases tolerance to exercise in patients with atherosclerosis of coronary and peripheral arteries. Prolonged activation of(More)
AIM To compare echomorphostructure of atherosclerotic plaques and vascular stenosis degree with structural changes of the brain according to MR image in patients with combined atherosclerotic affection of coronary and carotid arteries in an asymptomatic course of carotid atherosclerosis. MATERIAL AND METHODS MR imaging was made in 53 men aged 44 to 78(More)
In the multicenter trial, the hypolipidemic efficacy and adverse event profile of lovastatin were estimated in 294 patients with primary hypercholesterolemia. The mean baseline (on placebo) lipid and lipoprotein values were: total serum cholesterol (TC) 313 mg/dl, triglycerides (TG) 168 mg/dl, low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) 235 mg/dl, high(More)
The organism's oxygen balance was studied in 27 patients with atherosclerosis of the peripheral arteries during the test on a bicycle ergometer. The decrease in the patient's physical capacity was found to be in high correlation with the severity of oxygen disbalance.
Hemodynamics was studied during transesophageal pacing test in 49 coronary patients and 22 patients with alcoholic cardiomyopathy by means of impedance plethysmography. Sinus node dysfunction, impaired ventricular contractility and decreased cardiac output were detected in the coronary patients.