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We investigated the classical Zassenhaus conjecture for the normalized unit group of the integral group ring of the simple Mathieu group M11. As a consequence, for this group we confirm the conjecture by Kimmerle about prime graphs. Introduction and main results Let V (ZG) be the normalized unit group of the integral group ring ZG of a finite group G. The(More)
Let K be a field of positive characteristic p and KG the group algebra of a group G. It is known that if KG is Lie nilpotent then its upper (or lower) Lie nilpotency index is at most |G| + 1, where |G| is the order of the commutator subgroup. The class of groups G for which these indices are maximal or almost maximal have already been determined. Here we(More)
It was conjectured by H. Zassenhaus that a torsion unit of an integral group ring of a finite group is conjugate to a group element within the rational group algebra. The object of this note is the computational aspect of a method developed by I. S. Luthar and I. B. S. Passi which sometimes permits an answer to this conjecture. We illustrate the method on(More)