V. A. Beznosikov

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It is shown that the lipid fraction of soil organic matter consists of molecular fragments of aliphatic, O,N-alkyl, aromatic, and carboxyl groups, chlorophyll and/or chlorophyll-like pigments. The 13C-NMR data show that an increase in the degree of hydromorphism leads to an increase in the proportion of unsaturated components (-C=C-; -Ar). The paramagnetic(More)
This work surveys the genetic toxicity of benzo(a)pyrene added to soil for Tradescantia plants (clone 02). Different adaptation levels of Tradescantia (clone 02) to soil pollution with benzo(a)pyrene have been estimated. Plant adaptation was not observed at the morphological level, but found for the physiological and genetic (with every adaptation stage)(More)
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