V. A. Andryushina

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The hydroxylase activities of new strains such as Curvularia lunata, C. geniculata, C. eragrostidis, C. prasadii, Ulocladium botrytis, Alternaria tenuis, and Fusarium oxysporum toward three steroid substrates, namely, androstenedione (AD), cortexolone (S), and dehydroepiandrosterone acetate (DAA), were characterized. The 9α-hydroxylase activity of C. lunata(More)
A method is described for the synthesis of 17(20)-unsaturated 21-aldehydes by the oxidation of 17β-hydroxy-17α-vinylsteroids with pyridine chlorochromate. The following compounds were obtained in the course of the investigation: 3-hydroxy-trans-pregna-5,17-dien-21-al acetate, mp 177–178°C (MeOH); trans-pregna-5,17(20)-diene-3β,21-diol 3-acetate (I), mp(More)
  • M. I. Ryakhovskaya, E. V. Popova, V. A. Andryushina, G. S. Grinenko
  • 2004
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  • V. A. Andryushina, L. S. Morozova, G. S. Grinenko
  • 2004
To produce a unified scheme for the synthesis of hormonal preparations from dione I, we synthesized testosterone from this key intermediate. The method for the preparation of testosterone via the intermediate carbonitrile III is known in the literature; already in 1953, A. Ercoli and P. Ruggieri [5] described the synthesis of testosterone by reducing(More)
The main and side products of hydroxylation by the C. lunata VKPM F-981 mycelium of fourteen Δ4-3-ketosteroids of the estrane, androstane, and pregnane series and six of their Δ5-3β-hydroxy analogues were identified by H1PMR spectroscopy and comparison with standard samples. The obtained experimental data are considered in terms of the triangular model of(More)
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The steroid-transforming activity of free and immobilized cells of Pimelobacter simplex VKPM Ac-1632 entrapped in an operationally stable macroporous poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogel was studied. It was shown that the macroporous matrix of the carrier did not create any diffusional limitations for steroid access to the cells or the removal of the transformation(More)
Pregnane derivatives have been obtained from the cyanohydrins of androst-4-en-3, 17-dione and of 3β-acetoxyandrost-5-en-17-one. It has been shown that when both a nitrile group and an ethylenedioxy group are present in an androstane derivative a Grignard reaction in anisole takes place simultaneously at the two groups.
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