Věroslav Kaplan

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The potential of respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) to detect inspiratory flow limitation during sleep was investigated. Sixteen sleep apnoea patients underwent polysomnography. Airflow by a flowmeter attached to a nasal mask, oesophageal and mask pressure were recorded along with calibrated RIP. Presence of inspiratory flow limitation was defined(More)
Estimation of total leaf area (LAT) is important to express biochemical properties in plant ecology and remote sensing studies. A measurement of LAT is easy in broadleaf species, but it remains challenging in coniferous canopies. We proposed a new geometrical model to estimate Norway spruce LAT and compared its accuracy with other five published methods.(More)
Remote sensing applications in forestry can profit from a rapid development of optical sensors. New hyperspectral sensors have very high spatial and spectral resolution and provide continuous spectral cover in visible and infrared spectral region. Applied algorithms should be suited to the new properties of the data to achieve its maximal advantage.(More)
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