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In rat gait kinematics, the method most frequently used for measuring hindlimb movement involves placing markers on the skin surface overlying the joints being analyzed. Soft tissue movement around the knee joint has been considered the principle source of error when estimating hindlimb joint kinematics in rodents. However, the motion of knee marker was(More)
In experimental peripheral nerve studies, the rat sciatic nerve model is widely used to examine functional changes after different surgical repairs or pharmacological treatments, following nerve injury. The number and diversity of tests which have been used to assess functional recovery after experimental interventions often makes it difficult to recommend(More)
In experimental peripheral nerve studies, the rat sciatic nerve model is widely used to examine functional outcome following nerve injury and repair. A variety of evaluation methods exist in the literature, but an adequate selection continues to be a critical point for the researcher. Rats with sciatic nerve injury typically ambulate with an external(More)
Computerized analysis of rat gait is becoming an invaluable technique used by some peripheral nerve investigators for the evaluation of function. In this article we describe the use of a biomechanical model of the foot and ankle that allows a quantitative assessment and description of the ankle angle, reflecting plantarflexion and dorsiflexion during the(More)
Peripheral nerve researchers frequently use the rat sciatic nerve crush model in order to test different therapeutic approaches. The purpose of this study was to determine the sequence of changes after an axonotmetic injury by means of a biomechanical model of the foot and ankle, and compare them with walking track analysis, over a fixed period of time. A(More)
This paper presents a system which extends the use of the traditional white cane by the blind for navigation purposes in indoor environments. Depth data of the scene in front of the user is acquired using the Microsoft Kinect sensor which is then mapped into a pattern representation. Using neural networks, the proposed system uses this information to(More)
The wide spread of food outlets has become an environmental and sanitation infrastructure problem, due to Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). A grease box is used at the industrials facilities to collect the FOG, in a specific time window, while its quality is good for recycling (e.g., biodiesel) and it is economically valuable. After this period, it will be(More)