Vítor Basto Fernandes

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—User preference integration is of great importance in multiobjective optimization, in particular in many objective optimization. Preferences have long been considered in traditional multicriteria decision making (MCDM) which is based on mathematical programming and recently it is integrated in evolutionary multiobjective optimization (EMO), resulting in(More)
Finding a good classifier is a multiobjective optimization problem with different error rates and the costs to be minimized. The receiver operating characteristic is widely used in the machine learning community to analyze the performance of parametric classifiers or sets of Pareto optimal classifiers. In order to directly compare two sets of classifiers(More)
Today's complex, unstable and competitive society raises several difficulties to organisations. In this context, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and information itself have become resources of vital importance. The pressing need for Information Systems (IS) to meet several business requirements, in addition to the complexity involved in(More)
It is well known, widely accepted, scientifically proved and published by major governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide (e.g. WHO-World Health Organization), that nutritional misbehaviour in so called developed countries, is a major cause of diseases, morbidity and death. The phenomenon is mainly felt in aged populations, but a significant(More)
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