Vítor Basto Fernandes

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Thiswork is devoted to the problemof optimising scores for anti-spamfilters, which is essential for the accuracy of any filter based anti-spam system, and is also one of the biggest challenges in this research area. In particular, this optimisation problem is considered from two different points of view: single andmultiobjective problem formulations. Some(More)
In this paper anti-spam filtering is presented as a cumbersome service, as opposed to a software product perspective. The huge human effort for setting up, adaptation, maintenance, and tuning of filters for spam detection in anti-spam systems is explained. Choosing the best importance scores for the spam filters is essential for the accuracy of any rules(More)
Several economical, social and cultural factors that took place in the last decades in developed countries have strongly influenced human diseases profiles. Among those factors, globalization and urban prevalent lifestyles are worth to mention. One of the reflexes turning out from those changes is related to nutritional (mis)behaviors (Lopes et al., 2006).(More)
The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) and detection error tradeoff (DET) curves are frequently used in the machine learning community to analyze the performance of binary classifiers. Recently, the convex-hull-based multiobjective genetic programming algorithm was proposed and successfully applied to maximize the convex hull area for binary(More)
Finding a good classifier is a multiobjective optimization problem with different error rates and the costs to be minimized. The receiver operating characteristic is widely used in the machine learning community to analyze the performance of parametric classifiers or sets of Pareto optimal classifiers. In order to directly compare two sets of classifiers(More)