Vítor Almeida

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The production of beta-glucosidase by the ligninolytic fungus Pleurotus ostreatus has been studied in different culture media containing agro-industrial wastes. The enzyme is purified by anion-exchange chromatography, the molecular mass and isoelectric point of purified beta-glucosidase are measured by sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS This article aims to establish correlations between acoustic and audio-perceptual measures using the GRBAS scale with respect to four different voice analysis software programs. STUDY DESIGN Exploratory, transversal. METHODS A total of 90 voice records were collected and analyzed with the Dr. Speech (Tiger Electronics, Seattle,(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS The aim of this article was to describe the results of an audio-perceptual evaluation carried out by 10 judges, on a database comprising 90 voice recordings plus 10 samples repetition, with the purpose of characterizing the intra- and interrater reliability. STUDY DESIGN Exploratory, transversal. METHODS The classification of the(More)
In recent years, the time for motherhood has been postponed, which is related to social aspects and can lead to health problems for the pregnant women and the child. An appropriate follow-up of the pregnancy is essential for identification and early treatment of possible complications. The purpose of this study was to evaluate some social and demographic(More)
Photos have an enormous capacity in cueing memories of our past and supporting collective reminiscing. Yet, despite the considerable increase in our ability to efficiently capture photos, our digital photo collections remain to a large extent invisible to our everyday interactions with the physical world. We present the design of "Look what I found!", a(More)
Prior studies have shown that words show a composite effect: When readers perform a same-different matching task on a target-part of a word, performance is affected by the irrelevant part, whose influence is severely reduced when the two parts are misaligned. However, the locus of this word composite effect is largely unknown. To enlighten it, in two(More)
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