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It is widely agreed that the traditional process of schooling can benefit from the usage of computers as supportive tools. Of various approaches using computers in education over the last decade, e-learning and edutainment have become the most prominent. Recently, a number of authors have criticised these approaches arguing that they conserve traditional(More)
In the context of curricular history education both commercial entertainment games as well as serious games specifically tailored for educational purposes were employed. Especially the latter types of games were reported as being promising concerning instructional effectiveness. Still, there are not many complex serious games for history education,(More)
This paper introduces the concept of an augmented learning environment into the field of game-based learning. An augmented learning environment (ALE) combines principles of on-line multiplayer computer games with social, role-playing games in order to facilitate the development of key skills and transfer of knowledge. Fundamental features of ALE are(More)
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