Víctor Zamudio

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Does chance have a role in intelligent environments? In this work-in-progress paper we argue that chance and non-deterministic behaviour can play a fundamental and important role in intelligent environments. We discuss how this behaviour can be both destructive and constructive. Underpinning our ideas is the view that intelligent environments may be seen as(More)
Ambient Intelligence, and in general, any autonomous rule based system has been found to suffer from cyclic instability. This behaviour is characterized by unwanted oscillations, due to interacting rules within networks of pervasive computing devices. The binary behaviour of each agent is defined via a set of boolean rules, and the behaviour of the system(More)
The Knapsack Problem is a classical combinatorial problem which can be solved in many ways. One of these ways is the Greedy Algorithm which gives us an approximated solution to the problem. Another way to solve it is using the Swarm Intelligence approach, based on the study of actions of individuals in various decentralized systems. Optimization algorithms(More)
In this paper we present a comparison between six novel approaches to the fundamental problem of cyclic instability in Ambient Intelligence. These approaches are based on different optimization algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Bee Swarm Optimization (BSO), micro Particle Swarm Optimization (μ-PSO), Artificial Immune System (AIS), Genetic(More)
Cyclic instability is a problem that, despite being shown to affect intelligent environments and in general any rule-based system, the strategies available to prevent it are still limited and mostly focused on centralized approaches. These approaches are based on topological properties of the Interaction Network (IN) associated , and locking a set of(More)
In the future, homes will have numerous intelligent communicating devices, and the user would like to configure and coordinate their actions. Appliances and people in intelligent environments will have some degree of mobility. If the user wants to go from one place to another , using the same community, the agent should be able to generalize the service,(More)