Víctor Torres-Company

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In this paper we introduce a low-stress silicon enriched nitride platform that has potential for nonlinear and highly integrated optics. The manufacturing process of this platform is CMOS compatible and the increased silicon content allows tensile stress reduction and crack free layer growth of 700 nm. Additional benefits of the silicon enriched nitride is(More)
Frequency combs obtained by sinusoidal phase modulation of narrowband cw lasers are widely used in the field of optical communications. However, the resulting spectral envelope of the comb is not flat. We propose a general and efficient approach to achieve flat frequency combs with tunable bandwidth. The idea is based on a two-step process. First, efficient(More)
In this Letter we introduce a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-compatible low-loss Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> waveguide platform for nonlinear integrated optics. The waveguide has a moderate nonlinear coefficient of 285  W/km, but the achieved propagation loss of only 0.06  dB/cm and the ability to handle high optical power facilitate an(More)
Microwave photonic filters with arbitrary phase response can be achieved by merging high-repetition-rate electro-optic frequency comb technology with line-by-line pulse shaping. When arranged in an interferometric configuration, the filter features a number of programmable complex-coefficient taps equal to the number of available comb lines. In this work,(More)
Dual-comb interferometry is a particularly compelling technique that relies on the phase coherence of two laser frequency combs for measuring broadband complex spectra. This method is rapidly advancing the field of optical spectroscopy and empowering new applications, from nonlinear microscopy to laser ranging. Up to now, most dual-comb interferometers were(More)
Ghost imaging is an optical technique in which the information of an object is encoded in the correlation of the intensity fluctuations of light. The computational version of this fascinating phenomenon emulates, offline, the optical propagation through the reference arm, enabling 3D visualization of a complex object whose transmitted light is measured by a(More)
The generation of high-repetition-rate optical frequency combs with an ultra-broad, coherent and smooth spectrum is important for many applications in optical communications, radio-frequency photonics and optical arbitrary waveform generation. Usually, nonlinear broadening techniques of comb-based sources do not provide the required flatness over the whole(More)
Microresonator combs exploit parametric oscillation and nonlinear mixing in an ultrahigh-Q cavity. This new comb generator offers unique potential for chip integration and access to high repetition rates. However, time-domain studies reveal an intricate spectral coherence behavior in this type of platform. In particular, coherent, partially coherent or(More)
The analysis of optical pulse generation by phase modulation of narrowband continuous-wave light, and subsequent propagation through a group-delay-dispersion circuit, is usually performed in terms of the so-called bunching parameter. This heuristic approach does not provide theoretical support for the electrooptic flat-top-pulse generation reported(More)